Narwhale Technology Company is specialized in developing ultrasonic technology; we can offer controllable and quantifiable spraying technology, effective and reliable multiphase particles separation. Our product is based on our years¡¯ research approach of the piezoelectric transducer and fluids analysis, what deserve to be mentioned is we have our own electric circuit design team which helps us make the product controllable and quantifiable. 
Beside abiding relevant professional criterion, we also built our own harsh judgments so that we can offer robust, precise and perfect product that can significantly improve the customers¡¯ solution.
We develop a comprehensive and customized solution, not only we are excited that we can make an idea become reality, and we cherish the method sometime we can find the way to solution through the other field, also we are rooting in the understanding of the customers¡¯ need, so that we can review our horn metallurgy, acoustic designs and geometries, flow distribution, circuit response ,component fabrication and system engineering etc., all of them we should get the satisfaction,  and finally we can offer the satisfied to our customers.