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Coming from Laboratory Narwhale team is engaged in the research and development of ultrasonic technology, including controllable and quantifiable spraying technology, multiphase particles separation. Now we begin to commercialize these technologies for industrial applications, some of them have already been utilized in the laboratory and other research institution for many years, today we are glad to have the opportunity to share these technologies with our industrial enterprises, that not mean we remain stagnant, our design and test tradition that includes an initial consultation to identify and understand the challenge, assessing the technical requirements will be same as in the past, plus the habit of accuracy due to laboratory we are dedicated to utilize our knowledge and expertise to formulate the best approach that delivers precise, robust results for our customers.

Once we step towards our industrial enterprises we will never cease to improve and update our product, every customer¡¯s feedback will give us the chewing on the product, our final goal is to be precise and to be perfect. Our team is committed to partner with our customers in a way that the final solution will be perfect.

Using refined, state-of-the-art analytical tools and technology, we provide a solid foundation delivering never-before-seen impact, and our spirit of innovation and dedication to technology development will continue to guide us as we develop new solutions to meet the needs of our customers.