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 How Ultrasonic Nozzles work?
    Ultrasonic Nozzle is based on the piezoelectric principle, to transform an electrical signal in mechanical vibration.

An ultrasonic generator to control and provide energy to the Piezoelectric. The ultrasonic generator converts the  power supply (100-250 Volts, 50-60Hz) into a 100 to 150 kHz, 30-260 Volts electrical signal. This signal is applied to  piezo-electrical ceramics that will convert this signal into mechanical oscillations. These oscillations will be amplified by  the horn of the transducer, hus creating a longitude variation. Amplitude magnification or reduction is achieved by  certain design features or the geometrical shape of the transducer. This longitudinal up and down motion creates  standing waves in a thin film of applied liquid on the ultrasonic nozzle tip, in which the amplitude of these waves can  be controlled by the power generator. 

   These standing liquid waves can be extended upwards off the ultrasonic nozzle tip to the point they separate into  evenly sized droplets with little to no kinetic energy.  Secondary shaping gas or ambient air can be used to easily  entrain droplets to the desired shape and velocity if needed. A variety of ultrasonic nozzles are offered that help  determine droplet size, liquid flow rate and spray patterns.

 The Range of Narwhale*s Ultrasonic Nozzles:
   According to the different of the  spray shaping art of the ultrasonic nozzles, we can serve the following type of  nozzles, of course each type has several frequency to select, the different spray shaping art ensure the spray layout,  the frequency ensure the droplet of the atomized liquid. Our present frequency offered is 100KHz, 120KHz and  150KHz, the other frequency also can be designed.



 The Signal Generator of Narwhale*s Ultrasonic Nozzles:

   The NCL series ultrasonic generators are all built around our patent pending digital design.  Compact in size, they  provide the intelligent power supplying style, the intelligent frequency tracing and the power control, while  incorporating our exclusive no liquid check function made the spraying operation robustly.  These ultrasonic  generators can be controlled by the external computer, capable of operating either in continuous duty or high-speed  automation.

 The Signal Generator Feature:
 Can be operating under Remote and Local mode.
 Special algorithm, frequency sweep and frequency trace especially suitable to control the spray.
 Exclusive no liquid check function, greatly help the spraying automation.
 Nozzle self-protect function increases the nozzle life.
 DB9 I/O connector, available external computer control.
 Local audible and visual alarms, differentiated alarm to remote computer also available.
 Range of frequency is 50-180 KHz.

 Some of the benefits of ultrasonic nozzles:
    • High Transfer Efficiency 每 Reduces materials usage
    • Non clogging 每 Able to handle high-solid materials
    • Durability 每 Titanium construction is resistant to many solvents and abrasion.
    • Highly uniform distribution of droplet sizes 每 Reduces coating imperfections.
    • Airless spray 每 Can easily control process and also ideal for vacuum environments!