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          The Soniflat ultrasonic nozzle can give a flat type spray pattern in the help of the pressure air.                                                                                                              

         The liquid flow through the capillary of the pieoz-transducer,of the nozzle, the atomization is generated
     on the flat tip of the transducer horn, because of the longitude vibration of transducer horn, If there is
     not the influence of other air flow, the atomization spray angle is a narrow full cone, usually not more than
     15¡ã, in order to create a flat spray pattern the pressure air is introduced from the quick connector of the
     Narwhale¡¯s Soniflat ultrasonic nozzle, this air flow along the channel of the nozzle housing and pass through
     a deflect type of nozzle beside the horn tip. This deflect nozzle can deflect the air stream and make the
     round air stream become a flat air stream, this flat stream then push the fine atomized liquid drops below
     it along its flow field, this job shapes the flat liquid spray pattern, the higher the pressure air and the more
     liquid volume can widen the flat angle. usually the angle will be 45¡ã,  the user can adjust the pressure of
     the air to get the satisfied spraying angle, too high air pressure may give the workpiece much impact. 

   Too high shaping pressure may cause the spraying distribution become uneven, the low pressure air flow through a individual
   channel which is sealed from the piezo- transducer , this type of design will help extending the life of the nozzle.
   Note: the low pressure air should be disposed with oil water separation, if not the precipitated water may cause the atomization stop.






      Tested in water;
     **It is the temperature of the piezoelectric, not the environment temperature;
     ***Other inlet can be ordered;
     ****Mounting Brace can be ordered;