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          The Sonimicro ultrasonic nozzle can give a extreme slim, soft liner spray in the help of the low pressure air.                                                   

         Different of the other ultrasonic nozzle the low pressure flow through the capillary of the pieoz-transducer,
     of the nozzle, the air stream ejected from the tip of the horn is very thin because of the small diameter of the
     capillary, the liquid is introduced through the channel of nozzle housing and via a pair of small hypotube at the
     end of the nozzle housing, the tips of these hypotube is near the tip of the transducer horn, the droplets low
     pressure liquid will touch the surface of the vibracting tip of the horn, thus the longitude vabration will
     atomize these liquid on its surface, these very small cavitived droplet will then be attracted by the air stream
     ejected from the tip of the horn, and become a very very slim atomized droplets stream delivered by the air
     stream. The diameter of this slim line is nearly 0.4mm, the volume of atomizing liquid will be between 0.3~9ml/h ,
     the air pressure must be low, usually will not exceed 5PSI(gauge), the user can adjust the pressure of the air
    to get the satisfied spraying pattern. We do not suggest higher air pressure, the higher pressure will create
    much impact force on the workpiece. 





      Tested in water;
     **It is the temperature of the piezoelectric, not the environment temperature;
     ***Other inlet can be ordered;
     ****Mounting Brace can be ordered;